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About us

Karbon was founded in 1994. Our business provides a wide range of climate control solutions. We offer an extensive selection of quality brand name products in the area of: heating, air conditioning, ventilation and hot water systems. We install and maintain these systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

We specialise in:


- air source heat pumps -  air to air and air to water
- ground source heat pumps
- solar energy systems for heating and residential hot water
- gas and oil boilers
- subfloor heating and traditional heating
- air duct heating, gas furnaces, and air handlers
- air conditioning, split and multi-split systems, VRV and VRF systems
- HRV heat recovery ventilation


We believe that the success of your investment depends not only on the equipment and system you choose, but also on the synchronization of these systems. That is precisely why we are able to help so many customers. We see the broad picture of your entire system and satisfying your needs is our top priority. 

Our slogan is:

we don’t just sell heat pumps, boilers or air conditioners... We give solutions...

This distinguishes us from others”


Why choose our Company?

  • With almost 20 years of market experience, we are an authorized partner of manufacturers such as Daikin, Rotex, AlphaInnoTec, Nibe, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hoval, Trane, and Miller to name a few.
    Over the years we have installed over 2,000 heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.
    Our professional team consists of highly experienced and qualified specialists.
    Our business is known throughout Europe. You can find our HVAC systems in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and Switzerland.
    Should you have any questions, feel fee to contact us.
    We will be more than happy to talk with you about your needs and provide you with a quote. We speak English and Russian.


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Phone.: +48 32 4238521, +48 32 4238522

Skype: karbonrybnik


Karbon LLC.
ul. Kościuszki 14A/2, 
44-200 Rybnik
Company registered in KRS, no. 0000080879  in District Court Gliwice, X Economy Department
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